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Manage an Assessment

This screen (/assessment/<assessmentid>) shows all the testcases within an assesment.


Blue users can only view and export visible testcases.

Use this screen to:

  • Create a New testcase from scratch
  • Import testcases from various sources
  • Export testcases to various sources
  • View engagement statistics
  • View the engagment through the embedded Mitre ATT&CK navigator
  • Perform "quick actions" on testcases (limited to Admin / Red users) including:

    • Toggling testcase visibility
    • Cloning a testcase


      Only the 'name', 'assessmentid', 'objective', 'actions', 'rednotes', 'mitreid', 'tactic', 'tools', 'tags' fields are cloned as if you're cloning a testcase you likely want to re-run it, so the previous outcomes / scores / evidence aren't useful.

    • Deleting a testcase


The button next to the search bar allows you to customise displayed columns and display additional ones such as: Start, Modified, Prevention, Detection and Outcome.